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Main products: woolen, worsted, semi worsted and fancy yarns with pure natural cashmere, spun silk, high-quality fine wool, mohair, alpaca fibre, cotton and linen as their main raw materials.
woolen yarn: 1500 t; worsted yarn: 1000 t;
semi-worsted yarn: 1000 t; fancy yarns: 1500 t; pure cashmere yarn: more than 1500 t.Consinee Group is the biggest exporter of cashmere yarns in China.
Our advantages: With great power, our company provides a series of swatches which are for stock service with minimum order quantity 1kg.


Products Show:

    stock service F/W 2014/2015 Nm 2/26 100% cashmere yarn (woolen) Gauge suggested: 1 ply 12 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 108 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    Nm2/36 100% cashmere yarn (woolen) stock service F/W 2014/2015 Gauge suggested: 1 ply 14 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 72 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
  • LUNA
    stock service F/W 2014/2015 Nm2/48 100% cashmere (worsted) Gauge suggested: 1 ply 16/18 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 72 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    stock service F/W 2014/2015 Nm2/26 70% mercerized wool 30% cashmere Gauge suggested: 1 ply 12 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 72 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    stock service F/W 2014/2015 Nm2/48 70% merino wool 30% cashmere (worsted) Gauge suggested: 1 ply 16/18 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 54 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    stock service F/W 2014/2015 Nm2/28 55% silk 45% cashmere Gauge suggested: 1 ply 12 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock: 54 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    stock service F/W 2015/2016 Nm 2/16 65%Baby Wool 25%Yak 10%Cashmere(woolen) Gauge suggested:1 ply 9 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock:20 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    K-Cashmere custom service F/W 2015/2016 Nm 2/23 K-Cashmere(woolen) Gauge suggested: 1 ply 12 gauge flat knitting machine Colors in stock:1 colors(HGREY) MOQ: 20kg/color of custom service color 2/26NM-2/27NM 100% Cashmere (after wash)
    2016 S/S Semi-worsted Cotton Cashmere Nm 2/48 85%Cotton15%Cashmere yarn(Semi-Worsted) Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color Nm 2/28 also available
    2016 S/S Worsted Wool Cashmere Nm 2/48 90% Mercerized wool 10% cashmere yarn Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    2016 S/S Semi-worsted Silk Cashmere Nm 2/48 85%Silk15%Cashmere yarn(Semi-Worsted) Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    2016 S/S Worsted silk Cashmere Nm 2/60 85%Silk15%Cashmere yarn(Worsted) Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color Nm 2/48 55%Silk45%Cashmere(Worsted)also available
  • SKYE
    2016 S/S Worsted 100% Pure Cashmere Nm 2/60 100% cashmere yarn Colors in stock: 24 colors MOQ: 1kg/color Nm2/80, 3/68 also available
    2016 S/S Semi-worsted Silk Wool Cashmere Nm 2/52 70%Silk20%Mer.Wool 10%Cashmere yarn(Semi-Worsted) Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    2016 S/S Semi-worsted Cotton Viscose Nylon Cashmere Nm 2/48 60%Cotton 20%Viscose 15%Nylon 5%Cashmere yarn(Semi-Worsted) Colors in stock: 28 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
    2016 S/S Semi-worsted Cotton Silk Cashmere Nm 2/48 70%Cotton20%Silk10%Cashmere yarn(Semi-Worsted) Colors in stock: 16 colors MOQ: 1kg/color
  • Other Stock Service Items
    2016 S/S other stock service Composition: cashmere, silk, wool, angora, cotton, linen, viscose, bamboo, nylon, tencel etc. MOQ: 1kg/color for stock color
  • Wool Series
    Wool series 2016 S/S 100% wool and wool blends composition: merino wool, mercerized wool MOQ: 1kg/color for stock color    

Order Flow Chart:


Quality Control System
Consinee is orientated to high quality products from the very beginning and serves for the designers and specialized buyers of top market. Therefore, the company, under the framework of ISO9000 and ISO14000 and corresponding to actual needs, draws up a strict and specific internal quality control standards at all processes including raw material sourcing, QC, producing, packaging, storing, etc.

The prominent feature of cashmere and other natural fibers is that they are purely natural, which means that nothing artificial should be found in them. They are highly related to the place of origin, transport, production carding, water quality, climate, and environment. To this point, the Consinee people’s first quality control step is to select the raw materials. They will select the place of origin, the carding mill, and the place of origin of high-quality raw materials. Consinee’s cashmere is all from the mountains and cold areas such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Qinghai. Selected by certain professional carding mill, it keeps fine length and diameter, soft-and-smoth hand feeling, high purity, less scurf and foreign fiber and is therefore with better quality.

“Inspection” is the second-line QC standard of cashmere raw material. The whole inspection is held by our professional chief-engineers, through drawing samples from each package, on fiber content , length, diameter as well as single fiber breaking strength, content of foreign fiber, short fiber and trash by usiing the most advanced instruments from various suppliers. All efforts make customers satisfaction.

The most important thing about high-grade natural raw materials is purity. Therefore, the storage for natural raw materials is quite particular and demanding. It is not allowed any contamination or infection on storage

Fibers of different types and lots are kept in separate warehouse and shelves. Neither different types of fiber in the same warehouse nor different lots on the same shelf are allowed. On the other hand, the warehouse must be kept non-pollution, dust-free and well-ventilated.

Dyeing is very important to the quality of pure natural products, which is directly related to the indexes and performances of finished products. Therefore, it is attached with great importance in Consinee.

1. Lab-dip

Consinee ppeople analyze all the color standards from customers by Datacolor 600, and submit lab dips with bulk orders’ dyeing, chemical auxiliaries. Whole process is operated by hand without any machinery in order to ensure interoperability of every order. We also reserve and file for two years all lab dips which must be matched by Datacolor 600 to meet grade four or above on color difference before sending out. For all the approved colors we arrange the order with the same lot fiber for the dips, or not any, by replaced lot fiber which have to be re-dipped and checked by technicians before production.

2. Dyeing production

In relation to attribute of natural fibers , the foremost thing in dyeing production is to keep cleanness in the workshop as well as during the transition of exchanging dyeing lots, which is in fact the key in whole process of cashmere production. On the other hand, high technical manufacturing facilities and high quality personnel team are required.

Consinee people develop out scientific convection, well-ventilated and hot air conductible system by adopting the most advanced full-automatic imported dyeing facilities in our first-rate standard workshops. In order to avoid cross infection and pollution , we install several dyeing lines aiming at different colors.

We have been insisting on our own market position and using top grade and environmental dyestuff, chemical and finishing auxiliaries imported from Switzerland and Germany. We have passed ISO 14000 years ago, and recently got the certificate of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 for ecosystem textile products.

Since cashmere is pure natural fiber and then it is indoubtably mixed some foreign fibers during transporting, regrating and carding when processed to finished cashmere from raw material in pasturing areas . At present the most troublesome thing is that in the nature fiber mixed is nylon, by which herdsmen and sub-contractors use for cashmere packing sacks. Therefore, Consinee organizes experienced workers to remove foreign fibers including nylon from dyed fiber before production and can only start production after four removing operations performed, which greatly reduces impurity content.

Spinning is the most crucial procedure of quality control. Consinee always takes perfect production environment as its first principle. It equips wood floors and central air-conditioner to maintain year-round constant temperature and humidity (temperature of 28°C-30°C, humidity of 65°C-75°C); for the production process. Consinee carries out the four-step quality control processes as below:

1) Carding, spinning, windering and twisting, each lot tested in each procedure

2) Yarn count variation , yarn strength, twist, evenness tested for each lot.

3) Color fastness, pilling, evenness and CV value tested for each lot.

4) Comprehensive evaluation comes out based on our internal Quality Standard.

The company conforms to strict standards on packaging of every single cone to ensure customers’ satisfaction, from inspection on appearance of cone, color difference, flaws, etc. before packaging to the selection of proper plastic bags, labels inside the cone , and carton packing.