1. Generally, wool garment shrinks but cashmere garment does not shrink unless it is washed in hot water and rubbed with pressure, which leads to felting or it is soaked in cold water for long time.

2. Cashmere garment is mostly felted by washing process before it leaves factory. After washing it is ironed with ironing board of paticular scale in the garment. In this way the ironed cashmere garment will be stylish with right size designed. But if cashmere garment is small in size in itself or stretched by ironing board, there is possibility that it will shrink after washing. But generally the size does not change too much.

But if there is occasion that your favorite cashmere garment shrink, we have methods  to solve it.

1. Roll it with clean white towel and steam itin steamer for ten minutes. Then take it out, shake it to make fibre loose and pull back its original size. Place it flat on a thin board or sieve and dry it in the shade. After a few times of washing cashmere garment may lose its original lustre and you can drop some drops of vinegar when washing to return its original lustre.

2. Snip a piece of paper board into shape and size of original cashmere garment. The cuttings must be sanded down to avoid hooking the garment.Cover the garment on the paper board and steam iron it with electric iron. Get it off the board when it cools down.

3. Heat cashmere fibre with iron and stretch the fibre longer with hands. It can not be stretched too much at a time so multi-time heating and stretching is needed. You must have a clear idea about the length stretched and measure the total length after stretching. You can stretch it repeatedly but avoid over stretching.


After dried in the shade, you can iron it with steam iron under moderate temperature(about 140℃) and distance about 0.5 to 1 cm. Never iron directly on fibre surface. You can cover a piece of wet towel on it if other kind of iron is used.