My cashmere/wool sweater shrunk.Is there a technique I can use to un-shrink it without actually pulling on it?If not, is there something the dry-cleaners could do?

Unfortunately I can tell you from experience that once shrunk it can not be un-shrunk. Unless some clever person has come up with a miracle technique to fix shrunken knitted jumpers/cardigans etc, then I am not aware of it yet.

My mother in-law made a beautiful cashmere wool cardigan for my honey moon, I wore it a few times while on honeymoon. Washed it when we came back, and cried bucketsof tears when I realised I had shrunk it to fit a one year.

When I took it to my mother in-law (hoping she could fix it) she laughed so much she had tears running down her face, and nearly fell over. Strangely it did not make me feel any better, even though my hubby thought it terribly funny too.

Any way if there is a way to fix your beautiful sweater then good luck!

I am truly sorry to tell you this, but I don't think there is a way to fix it, call dry cleaners in the a.m.Good luck to you!!

I would suggest washing it in cold water and hanging it to dry.

you have killed it, it needed to be washed by hand in cool water and no scrubbing action and dry laying on a white towel, wool fibers lock together if they are hot or agetated at all, that is the process of felting. people dont seem to pay any attention to cleaning instructions.