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How the fiber diameter affects cashmere yarn quality?

We always hear about the comments about cashmere price difference. Why there are different price for pure cashmere?

Regardless of the twist, strength and colors difference, the quality of cashmere is greatly influenced by the cashmere material standard.

The diameter of cashmere fiber is around 14 to 17 microns. Consinee consider the fiber over 16.0 microns is thick cashmere which is not used in our regular promoted cashmere yarn. the price of cashmere yarn made from fiber over 16.0micron is cheaper than that of 15.5microns.

You may think there is no big difference between yarn made from 16.0microns and 15.5 microns. but for customers who are strict about the yarn quality, the small difference in material can make big difference. The hand feel of cashmere sweater made from 15.5 microns are better than that of made from yarn of 16.0 micron material. The cashmere fiber length also affects the quality of cashmere yarn. Consinee use high quality cashmere material with length 34-38mm. The longer the fiber is, the better of the anti pilling resistance and hand feel. While the thinner and the longer the cashmere fiber is, the more expensive the price is. The cashmere yarn price is also higher in price.

So when you are buying cashmere yarn, you should also pay attention to the fiber grade of the yarn. Even though the yarns both made from 100% cashmere material, the price can be different because of their different material grade.