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Why is Australian wool in good quality

 Australian wool is the name of Australian wool.Australianwool is internationally famous because of its excellent quality.

 In fact,there is no sheep in Australia.Thefirst sheep was brought from the first batch of colonists from the Unitedkingdom in 1788.At that time,the sheep was used for food,not for wool.In1793,John Macarthur bought some Spanish merino sheep to Australia from SouthAfrica.After 3 years of improved breeding,he cultivated merino sheep thatadapted to the climate in Australia and can produce high quality wool in 1796.Merinowool hair is in high quality,curly soft,uniform length,bright white,goodelastic force,anti-static,fire prevention,thermal noise insulation,is theexcellent material of wool fabric.Therefore,Macarthur is also known as “thefather of australian wool”.There are mainly four varieties of Australian merinosheep,of which Isaacson merino sheep is the most valuable,dedicated to theproduction of high-grade wool clothing.Today,there are more than 80% merino sheepin Australia and 50% merino wool of the world’s wool.

 Australia wool has such a good reputation inthe world with Australia adhere to strict export standards.Over the years,inorder to ensure the quality of export of wool,Australia has established aspecial wool testing bureau to provide objective and authoritative testingservices and been recognized by the whole industry,playing a very importantrole in the Australian wool sales and export trade.Australia also labelqualified label on the Australian wool products which all meet the qualityrequirements. In addition,due to the international textile market consumer'sincreasing awareness of environmental protection, in order to generalize andadvertise Australian wool better,many Australian wool organizations also launcha plan that makes Australian wool more “clean,natural and green” ,researchingand discussing on the implementation of environmental protection certificationto wool products which meet the quality requirements and environmental labelingfor the certification of qualified wool products.

 In recent years, in order to improve theyield of wool and international competitiveness, Australian wool industry hascarried out the reform and restructuring of the organization. Wool acquisitionis mainly dominated by 4 companies, exporting to overseas through the auctionheld in Australian big cities at the beginning of each year, while theAustralian domestic wool production is basically monopolized by the 3companies. As the world's largest producer and exporter of wool, wool liftingyield directly affects the international wool market. Over the past few years,the price of wool has maintained the momentum of steady growth. In 2002,Australia suffered a drought not occur even in a hundred years and woolproduction fall.It is expected in next year, the international market price ofwool will still rise, Australian wool position will be more stable.