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Fabulous Features of silk cashmere yarn

Silk cashmere is a blend of real silk and cashmere, so it has the advantage of  both silk and cashmere. Silk is bright with soft luster, good at moisture absorption and air permeability, light, smooth and flexible. In the meanwhile, cashmere fiber is fine, soft, tough and not easy to fade, which makes it the most suitable for close-fitting wear.

Silk cashmere yarn for spring and summer fascinates lots of people. Blended with silk and cashmere, this composition greatly improves the fabric functionality of knitting fashion. Products made of silk cashmere yarn not only retain the soft and high-end nature of cashmere, but also overcomes the shortcomings of cashmere products such as being easy to shrink and wrinkle. So wearing such products is more comfortable.

Component of silk cashmere

Mulberry silk is natural animal protein fiber, which belongs to a kind of porous material. It is good at air permeability and moisture absorption as well as smooth, soft and lustrous. Known as “the second skin of humans”, mulberry silk is the main raw material for silk weaving. Consinee chooses the mulberry silk of grade 5A, which is the best among silk.

Cashmere is also a natural animal protein fiber belonging to rare special animal fiber. This is not only because of its scarce production. The more important reason is the excellent quality and characteristics of cashmere itself. In the transaction, cashmere is quoted by gram. It is a precious textile raw material, which can’t be matched by any other material that human beings can utilize at present. So people abroad call it “diamond of fiber” or “soft gold”. Being comfortable and flexible, cashmere garments also have good moisture absorption and air permeability. People will feel especially comfortable for close-fitting wear. Besides, cashmere garments have a unique hand feeling and strong natural flavor.

Cashmere can be compared to sunshine in winter while silk is just like coolness in summer. Cashmere is fine, soft, flexible and its color is gentle and natural. Silk has the character of high strength, fast moisture absorption and heat ventilation. It is rough, elegant, antibacterial and antiseptic. Both cashmere and silk have the function of health care. These two kinds of fibers have been wandered alone in their own fields for many years and there happens to be some subtle collisions between them. Just like tomatoes are delicious matched with eggs, the blends of cashmere and silk is undoubtedly excellent.

There are two common proportions of silk and cashmere blends. One is 55%silk 45%cashmere and the other is 85%silk 15%cashmere. The most popular in spring clothes is 55%silk 45%cashmere because this proportion is smooth and soft. While at the beginning of summer, our skin likes 85%silk 15%cashmere better. With more silk, we can feel more cool and refresh.  

Based on traditional characteristic of softness for silk cashmere, according to the market and the request of customers and through various innovative processes, we produce another new product with the opposite characteristics of silk cashmere raw material itself. Silk cashmere yarn made of this new process is clear, fresh and stripe.