Traceable Cashmere






   Admire humanitarian spirit

   Traceable cashmere

   Raising goats is not just a job, it is a life style. We met with each nomadic family personally to ensure they treat their animals well.

   In each pasturing area of Consinee goats have become the family members of herdsmen.

   We also code each goat to ensure that each batch of cashmere is traceable

   Consinee guarantee that we establish data system for all cashmere raw material collected and test its specification carefully.





   Certification of origin

   raw material collecting - data system establishment- logistics tracking - making test report- warehouse entering







   It mainly comes from four production areas including Alashan area in the western part of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai

   and Tibet.

   Consinee guarantees that all herdsmen in our pasturing area would treat goats friendly and advocates

   that if people find herdsmen abuse goats please contact with us in first time. We will cancel their supplier qualification.

   Tel: 18858495002








   High animal welfare practices

   The cashmere goats graze freely most part of the year. Sheepfolds are built in the pasturing area to protect them from cold and wind.

   The herdsmen know well the life habit of cashmere goat and take good care of them according to their characteristics.

   For example, certain feed would be supplemented before and after grazing to prevent the goat from starving.

   In winter and spring every goat would be supplemented with concentrated feed,

   and pregnant goats and young goats are taken good cares to ensure them grow up healthily.


   Five freedoms to care for goats
       五项举措 关爱山羊

   Freedom from starvation by sufficient pasture and feed supplement to maintain health need;
   Freedom from threat of bad natural environment by providing well conditioned goat- house.
   Freedom from disease and indisposition by epidemic prevention, health care and timely treatment;
   Freedom to live as their own behavior habits by supplying sufficient activity places and proper facilities;
   Freedom from mental stress and spirits discomfort by providing friendly care and comfortable living conditions







                   I am a baby goat and my name is Niuniu. I live in Inner Mongolia prairie.                


                   我的家:内蒙古大草原- 天时地利                






                   Traceable cashmere                


                   Take you to learn “my life” and “my home”                


                   My home- Inner Mongolia prairie of fine weather and favorable geographical conditions                


                   The vast prairie in north of China is like a green silk ribbon, stretching across Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang etc. with altitude from 500 meters to 4,000 meters.                


                   Typical temperate and mid-temperate continental climate breed vast and high quality natural prairies which are the four major pasturing areas and hometown of “me” -cashmere goat.                







   My normal day- diary of Niuniu goat- see attachment




   Hello, everyone, I am baby goat Niuniu. This is my photo, am I cute?

   I was born in a normal herdsman family in beautiful Inner Mongolia prairie.

   I have father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts in my happy big family.

   Are you curious about what I do every day and where I play? Let me tell you.









   In the Morning

   As the sunshine comes in our home in the morning I would be waked up from sleep by mother,

   waiting for the herdsmen to take us to the grassland. I love the big prairie best, I can run as I like,

   chase and play with my friends, and eat my favorite grass on the grassland.

   In the afternoon

   I would lie on the prairie to rest and bathe in the sun after full meal.

   In the evening

   Sometimes I would drink the milk secretly while taking advantage of mother's inattention.

   With the sunset I go home with my family to return to my warm sheepfold.

   Even the most beautiful golden home is no better than my own home.

   At night

   Recalling my day at night I really love my life.

   I appreciate the warm care from the herdsmen which protect us from cold rain,

   high wind and threat from some dangerous animals.

   If we get sick he would get doctor to give us medical treatment.

   Hope all goats will be gently treated like us and enjoy their lives.







   The story of herdsman and me- my first combing

   When it becomes warm in late spring the herdsman will comb my hair with a special comb,

   which helps shed the undercoat no longer needed in hot summer months.

   The inner hair will stay in our body and become a burden if not shed.









   Today I was combed for the first time. I was nervous and not sure if it would hurt me.

   Then I found in order to avoid hurting my skin the herdsman combed with

   wide-tooth comb firstly and then combed with normal comb in the direction of hair growing,

   finally he combed in the opposite direction. He combed evenly and expertly to avoid touching my ski