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Advantages and disadvantages of cashmere

Cashmere is the king of the fiber and treasure, but what are the advantages or disadvantages of the cashmere?


1, increasing the deep sleep: it shows in an authority experiment that cashmere product can increase more than 25% of the people deep sleep time, and it can keep heart rate slowly and steady and can close to the skin.

2, moisture absorption and keep dry, warm in winter and cool in summer: cashmere special molecule structure can absorb the water vapor into hollow structure, and cashmere can absorb more than 35% water vapor which can not feel moisture and can remove quickly , so it can keep warm and dry when cold but cool when hot.

3,Fluffy and soft, don’t harden; cashmere has at least 40% natural elastic, it can recover more than 90% of original ply after press, so it keeps fluffy, soft and does not harden.

4, Natural fire resistant, safe and reliable: it is not easy to fire the cashmere and it will not release a lot heat and will not produce open light ,will not melt when burning. It cans also resist drastic burn, so it is very safety.

5, dust prevent and electric resistance, anti-bacteria and suppression mite: cashmere moisture absorption ability is good and do not produce static, so the dust does not cleave easily, it absorb the moisture to its own fiber before releasing the water vapor outside which decreases the mite’s life cycle, so cashmere product is suitable for infant, asthma, rheumatism people and the older.

6, cashmere product has 17 kinds of abundant amino acid which gives the cashmere the feature of closing to the skin.


But because of the cashmere’s fineness, short fiber and weak strength, we need good care when wearing especially avoids grinding with hard clothes, coarse cloth and chemical fiber. Particularly we can’t pull strongly and do drastic exercise to avoid punch and pilling when wearing cashmere pants. If we find its punch we need to repair timely. Cashmere is very tender so we need to care it at our daily life. It is better to say tender is cashmere’s advantage than disadvantages, as it is also its noble place.