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What is the difference between cashmere and mohair?

Cashmere and mohair are two kinds ofdifferent textile material but they are both types of luxury yarn that are spunusing fiber from goats. But they are not from the same kind of goat. Cashmereis from goat and mohair comes from Angora goat.

Cashmere is always for luxury garment andfavored by rich man. Cashmere yarn that made from cashmere fiber is spun fromfibers taken from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat. They are known for theirexceptional softness and warmth, and garments made from cashmere tend to befine and lightweight despite their great warmth. Cashmere wool is fine intexture, and it is also strong, light, and soft; when it is made into garments,they are extremely warm to wear, much warmer than the equivalent weight insheep’s wool.

Mohair is used by most famous brands infashion nowadays. Mohair yarns are normally fancy style that can be made forkinds of fashion knitwear that is a kind of symbol of fashion already now.Mohair fiber is spun from the curly locks of Angora goats, and is known inparticular for its fuzzy texture. It is most often spun into a thread that canbe woven, knitted, or crocheted depending upon the application. Mohair isdurable, warm, insulating, and light. It also has moisture wicking propertiesthat carry moisture away from the skin of the wearer. Mohair has been used toproduce textiles for centuries, and the term mohair entered English usage fromthe Arabic mukhayyar, referring to a type of woven head cloth.