1. How to place order?

This website is not online payment availbale, if you want to order our yarn, please contact us  online or leave us message in our website. you can also send email to wangxiao@consinee.com.cn  or call us 0086-574-83063229.

we will prepare you yarn and send you invoice & packing list for payment.

2.How to know prices?
if you want to know the prices of our yarn please inquire us online or leave us message. you can also send us email to wangxiao@consinee.com.cn  or call us 0086-574-83063229.

3. How can I get color card or sample?

If you need we can send you free color cards& swatch to inspect the colors and feel. or we can also send you baby cone to try sampling.

if you want sample please contact us online or leave message or by  email.

4. Is Consinee yarn healthy and eco-friendly?

Yes, Consinee cashmere yarn is healthy and eco friendly certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OEKO-TEX 100 test system.

Consinee is the first Chinese spinner importing the latest intelligent dyeing machine from Italy which realizes cleaner production.

and our yarn is proceeded by biological reactive dyeing assistants and dyeing assistants imported from Swiss and Germany with the most updated sewage treatment and cycling system.

5. Why Consinee cashmere raw material is superior to others?

We select the best cashmere raw material from Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xizang etc. which produce the best cashmere in China. We keep high standard about the fiber length and fineness of cashmere raw material to ensure best quality.

Our cashmere fiber Consinee mostly use is 15.2-15.8micron and fiber length 34-36mm, while many other supplier use thicker cashmere to reduce cost.

6. what is main yarn product of Consinee?

We Consinee are expert in cashmere yarn producing, including 100%cashmere and cashmere blended yarn, such as silk/cashmere, wool/cashmere, cotton/cashmere etc

Consinee Group-Top Line is also specialized in fancy yarns in different effects, like brush, boucle, tape, slube in many natural fiber composition like cashmere/ mohair/ alpaca/ wool/ silk/ cotton/ linen  knitting yarn

7. Can i customize my own composition, count and colors?

besides our stock service product, we can also produce your special composition, count and colors by your request.

8. How about payment terms?

We accept TT and L/C at sight, other payment terms can be negotiated.