Sustainable Cashmere



Sustainable herding behavior

In order to ensure the sustainable development of the environment, we advocate herdsmen's of scientific grazing and control the number of cashmere goats in our pastoral areas within sustainable range.



这对改善土壤结构,防止板结都有显著效果。牧区不使用化肥,农药 保护草场资源健康有机。

Improve soil structure

The manure and urine of cashmere goats have high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium,

which is a good organic and natural fertilizer. Herdsmen will return the manure and urine of goats to the grassland,

which has a significant effect on improving soil structure and preventing hardening.

No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in pastoral areas to protect the healthy and organic grassland resources.




Keep grassland sustainable

To provide enough feed and nutrition for goats, herding families move twice a year to new pasture,

which also gives the grasslands enough time to regenerate.

In order to realize the sustainable development of grassland and prevent desertification,

some natural pastures with insufficient grass resources will be reseeded and supplemented by planting artificial grass.






Cashmere goat breeding is the result of natural selection and artificial selection

Goat husbandry plays an important role in grassland husbandry and the breeding of cashmere goats

has become one of the ways for farmers and herdsmen to survive and develop.

Pastoral areas have many land resources with sparse vegetation and large temperature difference.

It is not suitable for crops planting but is great land for grass resources.

Cashmere goats can adapt grassland well for their excellent abilities in cold-resistance,

anti-stress and resistance of crude feed.

The feeding of cashmere goats is the best sustainable economic developing method for local geographical conditions.




Improving the living conditions of herdsmen

Cashmere fibre is one of most precious textile materials and favored by many people for its excellent properties.

Our country has plenty cashmere goat breeds such as Inner Mongolia goat,Qinghai goat, Xizang goat and Shanxi goat.

Cashmere material industry promotes the local economic development and develops the living standard and happiness of herdsmen

greatly for its high economic benefit, which in return promote the sustainable development of goat breeding industry.



Consinee Group donates funds to help the needy for many times and contributes to improving the life of herdsmen.

The people in prairie love freedom and are good at singing and dancing. The vast prairie is their best home to live and work.



Regenerate cashmere

In addition to efforts in sustainable development, Consinee promotes regenerate cashmere made from cashmere waste

which makes full use of the cashmere material and save resource.